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Neurodevelopmental Profiles

"Brains are wired differently and this means one can identify individual learning patterns. If one takes into account individual minds, one can teach to a child's strengths and bypass their weaknesses thereby creating opportunities for successful learning rather than potholes of failure.

"Planet earth is inhabited by all kinds of people who have all kinds of minds. The brain of each human is unique. Some minds are wired to create symphonies and sonnets, while others are fitted out to build bridges, highways and computers; design aeroplanes and road systems or seek cures for breast cancer and hypertension.

The growth of our society and the progress of the world are dependent on our commitment to fostering in our children and among ourselves, the coexistence and mutual respect of these many different kinds of minds.

Parents have a special responsibility and joy as they get to know well and to cultivate their children's individual minds. Tragic results are seen when we misconstrue and possibly even misuse a child's kind of mind! And that happens all the time"

Excerpt taken from A Mind at a Time by Dr Mel Levine

Managing children by profiles is based on the belief that brains are differently wired and learning patterns can be clearly identified. By identifying where the breakdowns occur within the various learning systems one can teach children how to bypass their weaknesses and encourage and build on their strengths thereby maximising their learning potential and producing satisfaction and achievement.

Each child is unique. Each child learns in a different way but most schools still cling to a one size fits all education approach. This suppresses our children's development.

Forres Preparatory School is a progressive, co-educational school housed in the heart of Rondebosch, Cape Town. We are committed to providing a balanced & dynamic education for every child, with the belief that children are unique and that individual minds learn differently. The Forres Family is made up of a team of passionate teachers, supportive parents and children who love their school. Forres children thrive in this challenging, yet nurturing environment.

- Kim van der Hoven, Director of Forres