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Multiple Intelligence Model

These approaches to education have developed in the wake of Multiple Intelligence Theory, developed by Harvard Graduate Howard Gardener. He challenged the prevailing belief that there was something called 'intelligence' and that this could be objectively measured and reduced to a single number or Intelligence Quota (IQ) score.

Gardener felt that our culture defined intelligence too narrowly claiming the existence of seven basic intelligences.

He sought to broaden the scope of human potential beyond the confines of the IQ score, seriously challenging the validity of determining an individual's intelligence through the practise of doing an IQ test.

Once this broader and more pragmatic perspective was taken, the concept of intelligence began to lose its mystic and became a functional concept that could be seen working in people's (and pupil's) lives in a variety of ways.

Many adults can testify to underachieving or only achieving moderately at school only to find that they excelled in their chosen careers.

The explanation for this (according to Multiple Intelligence Theory) being that the education system as we know it only caters for a narrow intelligence potential and ignores the rest.

Luckily, once children leave school and are exposed to the diverse career opportunities that the world offers they are then able to come into their own.

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- Kim van der Hoven, Director of Forres