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The "Bounce Back" Resiliency Program

This program has been developed as a school based curriculum program, designed to teach children how to become more resilient and to establish environmental contexts and processes that are protective. Change and upheaval are becoming fixtures on the landscape of our global village. Those who are able to adapt in the most positive manner will become masters of their lives. We cannot smooth the way forward and shield and protect our children from adversity. Nor should we! We can teach them the language of Resilience. What is resilience?: The ability to 'BOUNCE BACK' after encountering difficulties, negative events, hard times or adversity and to return to almost the same level of emotional well being that is, the capacity to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life despite adversity

Forres Preparatory School is a progressive, co-educational school housed in the heart of Rondebosch, Cape Town. We are committed to providing a balanced & dynamic education for every child, with the belief that children are unique and that individual minds learn differently. The Forres Family is made up of a team of passionate teachers, supportive parents and children who love their school. Forres children thrive in this challenging, yet nurturing environment.

- Kim van der Hoven, Director of Forres