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Statement of Intent

This is a Statement of Intent and is an expression of what we as a school community at Forres Preparatory School want to achieve by implementing this Behaviour Plan. This is a Restorative Behaviour Management Policy.

It is an ongoing process which needs to be reviewed annually and be part of a weekly staff meeting procedure of shared dialogue.

  1. At Forres, we believe that children are entitled to learn; educators to teach; in an orderly, caring and safe environment which promotes concern for others; the importance of self discipline; a good work ethic and self respect; and the core values of honesty, kindness, respect and safety.
  2. We believe that all members of our school should be aware of their rights and responsibilities and should be clear about the kind of behaviour expected of them.
  3. It is the intention of this policy to promote these beliefs within the context of a strong school ethos, shared by children, parents and all staff, which sets boundaries, fosters and rewards positive behaviour and encourages respect and consideration for ourselves and others.
  4. At Forres, we are also aware that children have an innate and authentic sense of fair play and justice. We believe that a school that sets clear and reasonable boundaries provides children with emotional and physical safety and security.
  5. We recognise that children are still learning and growing up and they don't always 'get it right'. There are times they make wrong choices/mistakes. This is allowed! The Behaviour Plan is designed to provide ongoing education about what appropriate behaviour is and about linked values which reflects the real world we are preparing them for. It is also designed to provide support for children when they 'get it wrong' and positive affirmation when they 'get it right'. It never belittles or humiliates the child. It provides the opportunity for 'making things right' and being given a fresh start.
  6. Consequences are important and need to be faced with courage and the right attitude. At Forres, we support children to understand why their behaviour is wrong, and accept the consequences with a good attitude. Facing up to consequences in the right spirit is respected by the school community and builds confidence and shapes character within a child.
  7. We, as educators, are living examples of good behaviour and caring values. The importance of modelling good behaviour is rooted in the simple fact that children learn from the role models around them setting the example.

A copy of the full Behaviour Management document is available on request. All families, on admittance to the school receive a complete set of policies and procedures.

Forres Preparatory School is a progressive, co-educational school housed in the heart of Rondebosch, Cape Town. We are committed to providing a balanced & dynamic education for every child, with the belief that children are unique and that individual minds learn differently. The Forres Family is made up of a team of passionate teachers, supportive parents and children who love their school. Forres children thrive in this challenging, yet nurturing environment.

- Kim van der Hoven, Director of Forres