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Our Commitment To You

Forres Preparatory School is committed ...

  • to honouring the unique potential of all our learners by fostering their knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses, helping them to discover their passion in life and to develop the skills, creativity and confidence they need to excel in the real world.
  • to high quality teaching that is responsive to the different ways that children learn and achieve their best.
  • to providing an active, skills-based approach to learning that is designed to teach children to think rather than just to remember.
  • to providing a curriculum that is relevant, balanced and hands on.
  • to ensuring a physically and emotionally safe learning environment for our learners.
  • to building relationships between learners and educators based on core values of mutual respect, self-discipline and personal dignity.
  • to involving parents as active and valid partners in the education of their children and maintaining a positive relationship with parents based on values of open communication, mutual respect and trust.
  • to staying at the forefront of educational developments and the personal and professional growth of all its staff.
  • to maintaining its non-racial character.
  • to encouraging each child to develop and experience his/her own spiritual value within an atmosphere of openness and acceptance.

Forres Preparatory School is a progressive, co-educational school housed in the heart of Rondebosch, Cape Town. We are committed to providing a balanced & dynamic education for every child, with the belief that children are unique and that individual minds learn differently. The Forres Family is made up of a team of passionate teachers, supportive parents and children who love their school. Forres children thrive in this challenging, yet nurturing environment.

- Kim van der Hoven, Director of Forres